Height Safety 


Here @ Hip Pocket Safety, we have a range of height safety equipment available.

Linq Height Safety

LINQ Height Safety have a range of Harnesses and Lanyards, which include the innovative Suspension-TraumaStanding Step Harness. Enabling the user to stand while suspended, it alleviates the compression/tourniquet effect on the upper thighs and helps stimulate blood flow, reducing the potentially deadly consequences associated with prolonged harness suspension. 

LINQ Height Safety Equipment is created for safety without compromise by using the highest quality materials engineered for comfort, performance, and a long life span. With independent third party certification from SAI Global, showcased by the “5 Ticks” mark, LINQ far exceeds Australian safety standards for your peace of mind.

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All LINQ harnesses and lanyards are independently tested and certified by SAI Global in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1891.1 2007.

Whereas some brands will ‘self-certify’ or claim to use a third party assurance program, LINQ Height Safety invests in the most respected and much stricter SAI Global Certification process and Quality Assurance Program.

Independent auditing of LINQ products by SAI Global ensures retailers, HSE officers and end users can have the utmost confidence that LINQ harnesses and lanyards meet or exceed the protection as required by Australian Standards. In fact, LINQ internal QC specifications require the product’s performance to exceed AS/NZS standards in some cases by as much as 400%.

SAI Certification is displayed in the form of the SAI Global Standards Mark™ or “5 Ticks” logo representing reliability, quality assurance and safety – hallmarks of all LINQ Height Safety Gear, along with comfort, performance and affordable pricing.